Club Info

Club nights

Club nights are held in the Wooloowin State School pool every Friday night at 6pm during the date periods noted in the Key Dates/ Calendar section, generally during terms 4 and 1 of the school year.

The Club offers a program of events each week, including:

  • Pups 15m event in the shallow end of the pool
  • Freestyle 22.5m and 45m
  • Breaststroke 22.5m and 45m
  • Backstroke 22.5m and 45m
  • Butterfly 22.5m and 45m
  • Distance Race/s
  • Individual Medley
  • Team Relays

Each swimmer is timed in their nominated stroke over the 22.5m distance to set their initial “best time”. Swimmers are encouraged to improve their time each week and must qualify to move on to the 45m.

NOTE All swimmers aged 10 years or older will be required to swim in 45m events.

Points are awarded each week according to how swimmers perform against their own best time and contribute toward scoring for annual awards.

Qualifying Times

Qualifying times to progress to 45m (2 laps) are as follows:

  • Freestyle < 22 seconds
  • Breaststroke < 26 seconds
  • Backstroke < 25 seconds
  • Butterfly < 23 seconds

Swimmers are expected to swim 45m upon achieving the qualifying time and will no longer swim in the 22.5m race.

NOTE All swimmers aged 10 years or older will be required to swim in 45m events.

Qualifying times to progress to 112.5m (5 laps) are as follows:

  • Freestyle < 44 seconds
  • Breaststroke < 52 seconds
  • Backstroke < 50 seconds
  • Butterfly < 46 seconds

Each club night, qualifying swimmers can choose to swim the 5 lap events scheduled. Each club night a different stroke or strokes may be scheduled as a distance event.

To qualify for the individual medley on Club Nights, swimmers must qualify for 45m in three strokes. Other swimmers are accepted to swim in the individual medley at the discretion of the Chairperson, referee or swim coach.

Swimmers are timed each week in their nominated races and are awarded points toward end of season awards, according to how they swim against their own previous best time. Past members commence the new season with their best times from the previous season.


We offer short races at the shallow end for young swimmers (generally aged 6 years and under) who wish to commence racing. The distance is approximately 15m in the shallow end of the pool.

A parent, older sibling or senior club member may accompany pup swimmers until they are confident to swim unassisted.

Swimmers who would like to build up from pups to 22.5m are encouraged to do so when they feel capable but should generally be able to swim one lap freestyle in under 90 seconds. A mentor older child is available to swim alongside a pup participant.


An annual parental contribution is to be made by the end of the 4th week of term 4 or at the time of any later registration. A family enrolment form and individual medical forms must be filled in for all swimmers.

Please fill out the registration forms found here and return to the club treasurer.

Squad Training

Squad training is run weekly by our qualified swim instructor Ryleigh Lammert. Swimmers must be registered for the season to attend training sessions.

Further training details can be found here

Club Age Championships

At the end of each season a Club Championship Night is held.

Swimmers are only able to swim individual events for their age group (currently the age the child will be on 31 December of the year in question – i.e. calendar year of birth determines age group).

There are no qualification times, but to be eligible to swim at the Club Championships swimmers must have completed at least eight swims over the whole season OR four times in Term 1 if joining the Club in a new school year.   An exemption for medical reasons may be made by the President at his discretion (and with proof of illness).

Club registration and season contribution must also have been completed prior to Championship night.

Medals/Ribbons will be presented to the first 3 placegetters in each event.

The following points from the championship night will be allocated for each event to determine the age champions.

1st – 6 points
2nd – 5 points
3rd – 4 points
4th – 3 points
5th – 2 points
6th – 1 point

Junior and Senior Club Champions

Swimmers are timed each week in their nominated races and are awarded points towards the end of season awards, according to how they swim against their own previous best time. When a faster time is recorded this becomes the best time for future comparison. Past members commence the new season with their best times from the previous season.

Champion awards are presented to the swimmers with the most points in each age group category (Junior – to age 9, Senior – 10 and older) at the end of the season for both male and female swimmers.

Age Champion trophies will be presented at the Club Awards Night.

One point – awarded for every race swam throughout the season.

Two points – awarded when a swimmer improves on their previous best time in 22.5m and 45m time trials.

Three points – awarded for each meet attendance.


The club relies entirely on the generosity and help from volunteers. When nominating your child to swim with the Wobbegongs, you are expected to volunteer regularly on Club Nights in one of the following areas.

-Race Marshalling

Bad Weather

The Chairperson will decide whether a club night should be cancelled due to bad weather. This decision will be made by 5pm each Friday and will be notified by email and published on the Wobbegongs Facebook page. If a Swim Club night is cancelled due to bad weather, all swimmers must re-nominate for the following week. Nominations will not be carried over.


Wooloowin Wobbegongs aims to provide a safe environment for the conduct of activities in accordance with relevant Swimming Australia code of conduct policy. We also align our behaviour policy with the policy of the school. Aggressive/bullying behaviour will not be tolerated.

To make the club nights run smoothly, please encourage swimmers to listen to the marshal. The marshal has a difficult job, noise must be kept to a minimum.

Any unruly behavior may incur penalties, such as loss of Club points. If the behavior continues, you may be asked to leave the club for the evening. For ongoing unruly behavior as ruled by the committee, the swimmer and family may be asked to leave the club.


  1. At all club nights the Starter’s decision is final and binding.
  2. Only financial members will be allocated points once the season
  3. recommences in term one.
  4. All swimmers must wear a bathing cap.
  5. Swimmers must marshall in the designated area when called. Failure to marshal when announced, may result in a swimmer not being able to participate in their nominated race.
  6. An adult must accompany and supervise all children for the duration of club night.
  7. Swimmers must not dive into the water at any time unless instructed to do so.
  8. Swimmers must not run on concourse, play in the toilet areas, run up and down grandstands; if swimmers persist in breaking the rules they may not be allowed to swim in their events.
  9. Children suffering diarrhoea or infected wounds are not permitted to swim.
  10. Silence is demanded on the starter’s whistle at the start of each race.
  11. There is no diving from the shallow end of the pool.
  12. All 22.5m races will commence from the deep end. Relays will start from the deep end, with the change over being in the water at the shallow end.
  13. SMOKING is not allowed anywhere on the school premises.
  14. Alcohol is only permitted on the school grounds with prior permission from the principal. Glassware is not permitted within the pool area.
  15. Rubbish must be placed in bins provided around the pool area.

A copy of the stroke rules and roles of the Referee, Starter and Timekeepers are available from the Chairperson. At their discretion and having regard to non-compliance with Club Rules, anyCommittee member has the right to refuse entry to the Pool Area to children or parents and guardians. The Swimming Club operates with the permission of the school principal, Mr Chris Erbacher and your co-operation is requested in complying with the following Department of Education rule: