Club Night Week 11 – 05/02/16.

Hi all,

Welcome to our new families!

Last Friday night was a BLAST. The kids all looked super happy to be back swimming. There were a lot of changes to the swim schedule, so I am expecting that the results will be a while coming. Please encourage your kids to look on the website for qualifying times for each of the swim strokes. Who knows, you could be the one getting the applause for going up a distance next week!

Remember to nominate for this Friday nights swimming before Thursday. The night works much better if we can do this. Have a discussion with your kids to see which strokes they want to swim also.

Friday night also went well because of all the assistance from the volunteers, Thank you. I will try this week to email on Friday who the volunteers are from each family based on the swimming nominations received. If I could have one volunteer from each nominated family that would make the beginning of the night easier. Stacey did an awesome job last week as race starter, would people like to share that job around as well? Let me know.

Big thanks also to Cooper and Collyer family for volunteering in the tuckshop with Dom away. Volunteers are the only way swim club works.

Any suggestions are warmly appreciated.

Regards, Julianne.