Cracker of a start to the season !

The weather obviously wanted us to start the 2017-2018 season like we ended 2016-2017 – with a storm! Luckily it all cleared up in time for us to get ready and race.

It was fantastic to see so many returning and new members – welcome! The first night is always a bit chaotic. A big shout out to our volunteers – marshals, MCs, the starter, timekeepers and tuck shop crew who did a sterling job of ensuring the night ran smoothly and on time. Special mention goes to Mick, our chief time keeper, who did (and does) a fantastic job ensuring all the heats and times were recorded properly. Friday’s results will be up on our website from early next week, so check out how you did!

Website Issues

We know that there is something strange going on with our website. Some people are unable to download our website, while others have no problems. We’ve checked with our website support people and it appears that there are no issues with the website itself. If you are still having issues, restart your device, then type in the address and press refresh. If this still doesn’t work, please send us your error messages and we’ll pass them on to our website support for further investigation.

Wednesday Morning Squad

The first squad session went off without a hitch last week. If you are interested in coming and think either Group 1 (advanced – 7:30 am start) or Group 2 (competent – 8 am start) make sure you’re there on the dot. You don’t want to waste your half an hour!


It’s time to get your nominations in for this Friday’s meet. Go to to get them in. We’ll be back to normal programming – all 1 lap and qualified events (2 lap, 5 lap and IM). A reminder that pups don’t need to nominate. And if you have problems with nominating, email us and we’ll nominate for you. So getting nominating! Or emailing. The deadline is 6 pm on Thursday.

And, if you have any questions, please contact us! Hopefully see you on Friday evening at 6 pm (or Wednesday morning if you’re squadding – is that a word?).