Friday 26/02/2016

‘Dear Wobbegongs

The 2015/2016 season is coming to a close and what a great season it’s been! With many PBs smashed both on club nights and inter-school carnivals, the kids and their parents have had a lot of fun in participating to make our swim club a great place to compete. Congratulations everyone!

That said, it is equally important that Wobbegongs operates in a safe and secure environment. This relies heavily on the behaviour and conduct of club members during club night as well as when competing at carnivals. Wobbegongs’ behaviour policy is aligned with that of the school and aggressive or bullying behaviour will not be tolerated. It is not unreasonable to expect the school’s values of ‘respect yourself, respect the school and respect others’ to be Wobbegongs’ values as well.

Last Friday it got more than a little rowdy around the marshalling area, making it difficult for both the marshall and the starter to make themselves heard. The club has clear rules regarding what the consequences are if a child is behaving in an unacceptable or unsocial manner or continues to engage in behaviour that they’ve been told to stop by an adult.  Penalties include loss of club points, disqualification from races or suspension from the club. The rules can be found on the website.

Wobbegongs wouldn’t be the great club it is without the ongoing support of its volunteers. It is important to remember that without parents offering up their time and services, whether it be on club nights, carnivals, fundraisers or behind the scenes, Wobbegongs won’t be able to continue from strength to strength.

Let’s continue to make Wobbegongs a safe and happy club for our kids to swim and socialise in and make the most of what’s left of term 1.

And don’t forget to put your nominations in before 6 pm next Thursday!’